Gather Local SUpport

It's time to get your community on board

Gathering local support is important because local legislative bodies at the county or municipal level are more likely to pass a resolution if they believe that there is community support for it. Local council members want to support efforts that help them in the eyes of the electorate.

Building your Coalition

Gathering local support before reaching out to your county or local legislator(s)shows your local elected official from the outset that there is broad community support for the resolution. Consider reaching out to your local Indivisible chapter and other local chapters of organizations that are part of the Not Above the Law coalition in addition to any local organizations you are connected to. Ask them to sign on and support the resolution and work with you to get it passed. Working with an organization can be helpful as they have built in networks in your local community. We are happy to help you check to see if there are other local orgs in the coalition to reach out to.

Here's a sample email you can send to local organizations to gather support.

Sample Email: Support for Local Resolutions

It’s also helpful to reach out to your friends, family and community members. The broader the support in the community, the better. Every voice matters in moving this forward!

It is very helpful to have other organizations and community members working with you on this effort, but it is not necessary for success.

Craft Your Local Resolution

Work With Your Local Elected Officials