Engage the Media

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It is essential to ensure the press covers the passage of your local resolution to help build public momentum for action that protects our democracy. Having a good list of press contacts will be critical. We may have a list created for your locality for you to use as a starting point — please reach out to an organizer to request one.

creating your media list

Ask people in your network if they have any strong personal media connections. You can also create an email list by searching the internet for lists of media contacts, or just go to the websites of the local media outlets in your area and find contacts for their newsroom or assignment desk. Here are a few good places to start:

Send a media advisory

Once you find your media contacts, we have created a draft email Media Advisory to send before the vote on your local resolution.

Sample Media Advisory

Media Advisory Template

Tips on sending your media advisory

Send the advisory in the body of an email (not as an attachment).

Follow up to your email with a phone call to your media contacts. Make it clear why it’s incredibly important that they cover the vote. This phone call is the most important part of earning media coverage. You may need to call multiple times to get through.

Call reporters on the day of the vote. Give them a quick update (e.g., how many people you’re expecting) and then pitch them on coming again. Make sure they still have your advisory and resend it if they don’t.

Talk to the reporter or editor where possible; don’t settle for leaving voicemails or messages with the receptionist. Your pitch calls are your best tool; make sure you’re using it.

At and after the hearing

At the hearing. Determine a few people that can talk with the press before/after the vote and someone that can take pictures to share with the press.

After the vote, the first thing to do is follow up with the media. Whether the media is present or not, send a post-vote Press Release to all media in your area immediately after the vote takes place.

Planning for Passage of Resolution

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