Craft your local resolution

What is a local resolution?

A local resolution is an expression of support from a town or county body. Local resolutions are a great way to educate the public as well as send a strong signal to state and federal legislators that people care about democracy and the safe and reliable transfer of power.

Drafting your resolution

The goal of this effort is to get our local governments on the record declaring their commitment to upholding free and fair elections in the wake of the continued attacks on our democracy since January 6th, 2021. But every town is different, and it's important to remember to adapt the specific language of your resolution based on your community's needs.

Resolutions generally have two sections: the preamble and then what is being resolved. The preamble is focused on stating the reasons why this resolution is needed, while the "resolved" section details what the legislative body is actually committing to.

Below, we've included two sample resolutions you can use to get started. Feel free to mix and match pieces to get a resolution draft that fits your community's needs.

Sample Resolution to Protect Our Democracy

Sample Resolution to Protect OurDemocracy

Sample Resolution to Protect Our Democracy

Sample Brief Resolution

know your community's rules

Every city council, county commission, village board or other local government has different rules about how local resolutions are passed. Find out how it works in your locality. Does the resolution need to go through a subcommittee before reaching the full legislative body? How many votes are needed for the resolution to pass both the subcommittee and the full body? Can the mayor, chair or president veto the resolution?

Research members of your local council/commission and mayor to find out who is most concerned about election integrity. These elected officials will be your first call to set up meetings to discuss the resolution.

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Build Support in Your Community