Turn Out for the Vote

Plan for a great public hearing

Now's the time to show your your support! Fill the room as much as possible with supporters for the resolution. It will be helpful to identify individuals who have a strong voice in the community who are willing to testify in support of the resolution. Before the hearing, make sure to find out the rules for the hearing, including time limits on speakers.

Tips for Turning Out

  • Build a list of your friends, neighbors, local leaders, organizations, etc. to reach out to.

  • Reach out to them.

      • Call, text, email, and Facebook message your network to invite them to the vote!

      • Here is a Sample Outreach Email you can use.

      • Keep track of responses to your calls & emails. This will be helpful later on to remember if a person said they were coming or not. It will also help you avoid double-calling someone.

  • Create a Facebook event which makes it easy for folks to spread the word to their friends in your community.

Capture the moment

Don't forget about the people who can't be in the room! We want to make sure your community is engaged and energized around this resolution. Post pictures and video of the hearing on social media, and make sure to use the hahstag #DemocracyResolutions and tag People For the American Way and Public Citizen so we can lift up the amazing work you're doing in your communities!

Engage the Media

Download the Organizer Checklist