Work With Your Local Elected Officials

Your resolution will need a champion

Now that you have a draft resolution and you've started building support in your local community, it's time to identify the member of your local council or commission who will champion your resolution. We've put together tips for how you can reach out to your local legislators below.

How to Pick your Elected Official

  • City, or state level? Decide if you want to move your resolution at the county or city level. Most states run elections at the county level, so passing a resolution there, especially if you want to include changes in law, will be most effective politically. You may want to choose the city level if you have better contacts there or see more opportunities for media attention on your resolution at the town level. Exceptions: MI, WI, ME where towns run elections, in DE where the state runs elections.

  • Do you have established relationships you can work? The best place to start to find a local legislator willing to introduce the resolution is reaching out to ones who you have a relationship with or you know have been active advocates to address issues of injustice (you can look for news articles on council members speaking out on related local issues); also, you can reach out to one who represents your neighborhood.

  • Check the web. To find your representative, go to your county or town’s official website and locate the contact page for the body that passes county or local laws.

  • Get something on the books. Call your county or local legislator and schedule an appointment to discuss introducing a resolution calling for accountability for the conspirators behind the January 6th violent attack and the ongoing effort to sabotage our elections; support for local election officials; and action on a state and federal level to protect our fundamental right to vote.

  • Put it in writing. Many will ask that you put your request in writing. We have prepared a sample email to help you.

  • Be persistent in setting up the meeting. You may have to contact the office more than once to remind them about your request to meet.

Here's a sample email you can send to your council member.

Sample email to council member: Jan 6th local resolution

Build Support in Your Community

Meet With Your Council Member